The Rhubarbarians - Helping you tell your story

With our team of artists and engineers, Rhubarb will help you express your story. Our artists will work with you to creatively tell it while our engineers will make sure it’s delivered well and on-time. Because a good story well told means success.

Chad Ballantyne

Principal, Creative Director

Chad has 23 years experience in graphic arts and has been managing and delivering quality media marketing products and services to local governments and commercial clients, specializing in social and culturally-focused companies. Chad brings additional expertise in client relations’ management and project management. Chad, an entrepreneur, founded Rhubarb Media in 2006 and understands that performing to rigid best-value standards as well as adhering to a “we’ve got your back” philosophy, is vital to the success of any creative project.

Dan Hotchkiss

Graphic Designer

Daniel has vast breadth of experience including but not limited to creating and prepping die-lines, package design, websites, mock ups, illustrations, photo manipulations, logos, business cards, clothing design, and more. He has a number of years experience working with various clients in brand identity creation, logo design, and website design.

Mario Trunz

Lead Web Designer

With a background in graphic user interface implementation and experience in the realm of web/multimedia development and programming, Mario brings a unique talent to the Rhubarb team. His personal interests in studying weather patterns and aircraft production (Airbus) helped our team to develop helpful content and weather-integration with the Lake Simcoe Regional Airport website. Mario is excited about Rhubarb’s rapid growth and is proud to be working for a company with high ethical standards.

Steedan Crowe

Lead Web Developer

Steedan has over 15+ years of design and web experience, working with clients to develop content managed Web sites, Web based applications, logo & identities, graphic design collateral, digital video productions, voiceovers and IT network infrastructure solutions.

Joelle Crossley

Bookkeeper & Project Manager

Joelle has over 20 years experience in client services, sales, and accounting. Her enthusiastic approach to challenges, offers a refreshing perspective helping clients find clarity in their vision.

Sandra Ballantyne

Business Administrator
The real “boss.”


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