Rebrand Objectives

The rebrand will be developed with five branding objectives in mind:

1. To help consumers see the brand as UNIQUE

The brand needs to say what no other company is saying

2. To convey high level RELEVANCE

The consumer needs to see the brand as essential to their daily lives

3. To break out from the competition through key DIFFERENTIATORS

The brand needs to stand out in all areas:  sales, marketing, products, service and client care

4. To cause an EMOTIONAL draw to the company and it’s products

The consumer must feel deeply about the brand

5. To support the TEAM as they deliver on the brand promises

Constantly measuring and refining the marketing campaigns to fit with the changing economy, seasons and demographic

  • Brand Foundations

  • These can be ANY brands
  • What is your mission? In other words what do you want to do with your values?
  • Where do you see your business in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years?

  • Fundamental Nature of your Business

  • If possible, include the URLS of their web site.

  • Personality of your Company

    (Choose those that apply and write in any others you’d like below.)

  • Positioning and Marketing for your Company

  • Competitors? Tight budgets? Lack of perceived need for your service?

  • Visual Elements

    Pick as many as you like

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