Looking for help to market your charity or non-profit organization?

We understand that many non-profit organizations struggle with funding to effectively communicate about the good work they do, both to community members in need of services and to supporters.

Rhubarb Media makes it possible for many organizations to promote their services through the provision of donated or discounted graphic design, logo design, website design and sponsorship.

Rhubarb’s support equips these community organizations to operate in a more effective and sustainable way, addressing key social issues in our community such as poverty, homelessness and caring for marginalized members of our community.

Over the past 9 years Rhubarb Media Inc. has given back over $200,000 to social organizations, charities, ministries and the arts and culture community.


Our philanthropic focus is on organizations that help people on the fridges of society, take care of the earth and seek to transform lives through arts and culture activities.


  1. Be a registered charity or non-profit community service organization
  2. Be operating or serving a community where Rhubarb Media Inc. does business.
  3. Aligns to our philanthropic area of focus


We are unable to consider all requests and reserve the right to ignore or refuse services bace on our workload.

How to Apply

Please submit the Donation Application Form.

Donation Application


Our sponsorship focus is on opportunities that extend our business development objectives and align closely to our industries. In general, we do not provide sponsorship support solely for community relations or cause marketing purposes.


  1. Be a registered charity, non-profit community service organization, industry association, municipal, provincial/state or federal government, or First Nation
  2. Be operating or serving a community where Rhubarb Media Inc. does business.
  3. Aligns to strategic business priorities in the areas of social services, environmental and/or arts and culture.
  4. Priority is given to opportunities which provide marketing opportunities, highlight best practices and innovation in the industry, or showcase our products and services


Due to funding limits we, are not able to consider requests from the following:

  • Individuals
  • Private clubs or organizations that benefit a select-group

How to Apply

Please submit the Sponsorship Application Form.

Sponsorship Application

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