The David Busby Street Centre is a grass roots not-for-profit organization that provides support for community members that are experiencing homelessness and poverty or maybe at risk of becoming homeless.


Things we worked on:



We have been fortunate to work with Rhubarb Media on an ongoing basis over the past 5 years.  They volunteer their time and expertise to support; the rebuilding of our website,, (now re-developed by others) the design of printed materials that are used to support our fundraising and our communications and awareness-building campaigns.  All of the support we receive from Rhubarb Media assists in the organic development of a brand that presents a consistent message in all of our social media, printed materials and outreach programs.  In many instances these materials are used to connect with donors and members of our community enabling us to increase the contributions that go directly to serving community members that are supported by the centre.

Chad Ballantyne, the owner of Rhubarb Media, has often shared with our organization that we need to shift our focus from a ‘flies in eyes’ world viewpoint to a viewpoint of sharing a story about the needs of individuals and their journey to maximize their potential.  Chad works diligently with the staff at the David Busby Street Centre so that we have been able to easily shift our communication strategy to reflect a positive message of the hope and support that we provide to individuals and families experiencing homelessness and poverty.

To quote Chad directly, ‘…we have to start at home by empowering our children to believe that we can never be great by ourselves but that greatness is measured by the quality of life we make possible for everyone else.’

Sara Peddle

Executive Director, David Busby Centre

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