Things we worked on:

  • Branding
  • Print media
  • Drupal/CMS website

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Red Byrd creates dynamic visuals, giving depth and realism to projects that help clients, students and stakeholders ‘get’ or grasp how products work, or understand your message more clearly, whether anatomical, mechanical or fictional.

They leverage the experience and creativity of graphic designers, animators, programmers and project managers to create a cohesive final product on time and within budget.

How we helped

Robin Soloy came to us to brand her new company. We helped zero in on her name and unique spelling and then got to work on her brand. Knowing her skills as a 3D animator it made sense to find an image that expressed her personality and her services. Designing an origami bird was a perfect match as it expressed both her 2D and 3D expertise. It also gave her a great excuse to animate it for her website!

We created business cards for her as well, which not only looked great but felt great using a varnish coating to give it that professional touch.


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