The Rhubarb Website Warranty

We stand behind our work.

Rhubarb Media Inc. is confident you will be happy with your website. We offer a 3 month warranty to cover any bugs (programming errors) or content errors reported to Rhubarb Media Inc. within the 3 month period after your site goes live (some restrictions apply). Issues not covered by this website warranty include:

  • Problems that occur due to use of the website in unintended ways as a result of customer action or inaction.
  • Lack of functionality not clearly communicated to our staff before the site became publicly accessible.
  • Work that results from issues not within our direct control, such as errors in updates to third party software and website hosting.
  • Changes that are driven by updates in third party services or changes to links that have moved.

Error and emissions covered under this warranty will be handled at Rhubarb Media’s sole discretion.

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